Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anime Review

A note: I did not write this review. Or rather, I did not write the foundation for this review. In fact, I stole the template from one of Roger Ebert’s reviews, played a merry game of mad-libs, added a few sentences, took out a few sentences, and ended up with this. Anyone who can guess the movie in which I derived this review gets brownie points. So, I guess I wrote this to make a point. Read on after the jump to see whether I actually made any points or whether I wasted my time: Continue reading

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Index of all the Aniblog Readings

With some commentary and editorializing of course!

A few interesting comments that I picked up on:

  • gaguri: “I have come to realise that some bloggers have great writing skills, but no one has a good actual speaking voice…” via twitter.
  • Elineas: “After listening to most of these readings I have come to the conclusion that blog posts are in a kind of limbo between colloquial speech and formal writing, which gives it some weird quality of sounding completely absurd when spoken as an entire piece even when many sentences in isolation only sound proper in dialogue.” here.

People slated to be *smug*ed! Now get yourself off this ignominious list. >:[

  • Pontifus
  • Omisyth
  • lelangir

I think a few of you are waiting for your victims to post it, so if that’s the case, let me know.  I am merciful after all.

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Aniblog Readings: Who’s Reading Whom

All right, you all have seemingly committed to these shenanigans and I hope to see some creative/awesome entries come out of this. The only thing is that this be done by June 5. Meaning recording it, getting the recording to your victim, and the victim posting it on their blog. Failure to complete this by that time will result in severe *smug* from me. Oh how I will *smug*.  You do not want this to happen!

My random number generator turned up the following:

So here are the assignments [Reader – Victim]:

Hopefully you guys know how to get in touch with one another and if you don’t, just let me know!

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Last Call for AniBlog Readings and Some Amendments

I’ve been a bit lazy, so that’s my reason for not having promoted this much further.  Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with the response.  Before we actually get to starting this, a few amendments to the rules that I had posted:

Phase 3: YOU SHALL…

  • strive to pick one of said blogger’s first ten posts. The key word here is “strive.” If none of the first ten posts can be mined for comedy, you may instead choose from the author’s different posts.

The prior rules post has been edited to reflect this.

Participants (so far) [Blogger – blog(s)]

For current participants, if you want to restrict the reading down to one blog, do let me know. I just opted to cast a wide net in terms what ya’ll have written.

Add your name to this awesome list of folks.  After tomorrow, my magic random generator will determine whose post you get to mangle!

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Aniblog Readings – A Community Event

Anime bloggers are a vain lot. Why else would they do silly things like announce that they’ve finally achieved 100k hits? Or that their blog has managed to survive for another 365 days without them flaking out at some point? The truth is, we revel in the attention, hoping that our words inspire others towards goals like manliness, getting others to think about anime/manga in different ways, or uncovering the dark side of the fandom. Along the way, we make friends, engage in some sort of dialogue, and improve our writing skills.

Improvement. Now that’s something that most of us have experienced and when we look back on our early posts, it’s amazing how unrefined our thought processes were. Sure, we might want to bury that stuff in some deep pit, but at the very core, that progression is all a part of us, warts and all. And this is what this event is all about. Read on to find out more! Continue reading

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Anime Instrumentality Updates

If you’ve been trying to access Anime Instrumentality within the last 24 hours, you may have noticed that you were either unable to access it, or that you now have a filler page where the old page used to be. That’s because my shared hosting services says that the Anime Instrumentality Blog has been using up too much of the CPU’s resources on the shared host.

I’ll have to find some way to lower the CPU usage to less than 2%. I have installed a Hyper Cache plugin, but so far, that hasn’t lowered the usage enough (managed to bring it down to 3.5%, but that’s still too high for LunarPages). So now, I’m left with some possibilities:

1. Disable some of Anime Instrumentality’s features in an attempt at lowering the CPU usage some more and hope that this works.
2. Upgrade to a private server (which is ludicrously expensive)
3. Find myself a new host or share it with other people (like dasaku or kokidokom).

Preferably, the least headache-prone path is to stick to my current service but that’s looking extremely unlikely. All I can say is that given that Anime Instrumentality only generates in the ballpark of 400 hits per day, the CPU usage shouldn’t be as problematic as it has been. If anyone can offer any solutions, please do since I’m kind of at wits end here (after dealing with this problem for about a week now).

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