Anime Instrumentality Updates

If you’ve been trying to access Anime Instrumentality within the last 24 hours, you may have noticed that you were either unable to access it, or that you now have a filler page where the old page used to be. That’s because my shared hosting services says that the Anime Instrumentality Blog has been using up too much of the CPU’s resources on the shared host.

I’ll have to find some way to lower the CPU usage to less than 2%. I have installed a Hyper Cache plugin, but so far, that hasn’t lowered the usage enough (managed to bring it down to 3.5%, but that’s still too high for LunarPages). So now, I’m left with some possibilities:

1. Disable some of Anime Instrumentality’s features in an attempt at lowering the CPU usage some more and hope that this works.
2. Upgrade to a private server (which is ludicrously expensive)
3. Find myself a new host or share it with other people (like dasaku or kokidokom).

Preferably, the least headache-prone path is to stick to my current service but that’s looking extremely unlikely. All I can say is that given that Anime Instrumentality only generates in the ballpark of 400 hits per day, the CPU usage shouldn’t be as problematic as it has been. If anyone can offer any solutions, please do since I’m kind of at wits end here (after dealing with this problem for about a week now).

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2 Responses to Anime Instrumentality Updates

  1. Taka says:

    Could you take down some of the older song excerpts? I mean that’s what I assume is eating up all the usage. Could be wrong, but I can’t think of anything else unique to your blog. Maybe take it down and say you can email me for a track or post a link to where they can find it without actually having a stream of the song. Mainly for the older posts.

  2. chikorita157 says:

    I dunno, but I suggest asking michaelnz (poke him on Melative or Google Talk on Bloggers at the XMPP server, who runs He could probably offer affordable hosting, which actually runs on Rackspace Cloud, which is a cloud hosting service which pays by CPU and bandwidth usage.

    Shared hosting is problematic in the past. I am hosted with Netto’s notcliche, but a few months, he had been having problems with shared hosting that causes my site to go down and such. I don’t quite have the money right now since I am a college student and have no job or even a internship yet, so hosting myself isn’t a option yet… although I have payment options to do so.

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