Aniblog Readings – A Community Event

Anime bloggers are a vain lot. Why else would they do silly things like announce that they’ve finally achieved 100k hits? Or that their blog has managed to survive for another 365 days without them flaking out at some point? The truth is, we revel in the attention, hoping that our words inspire others towards goals like manliness, getting others to think about anime/manga in different ways, or uncovering the dark side of the fandom. Along the way, we make friends, engage in some sort of dialogue, and improve our writing skills.

Improvement. Now that’s something that most of us have experienced and when we look back on our early posts, it’s amazing how unrefined our thought processes were. Sure, we might want to bury that stuff in some deep pit, but at the very core, that progression is all a part of us, warts and all. And this is what this event is all about. Read on to find out more!

That’s right. This plan is all about exploring the past.  It’s something Pontifus and I cooked up. Here’s the gist of it:

Phase 1: YOU…

  • write for an anime blog
  • have written at least 20 posts
  • don’t mind being embarrassed
  • are willing and are capable of making an audio recording of yourself reading someone else’s post! (This is IMPORTANT!)
  • can adhere to simple instructions (This is even MORE IMPORTANT!)

If you meet the criteria and are willing to sign up for this, just drop a comment stating your interest!

Phase 2: I will then

  • randomly throw all the names into a pot
  • select a blogger whose post will be subject to your verbal mangling

Phase 3: YOU…

  • will search through the posts that the blogger in question has written
  • will strive to pick one of said blogger’s first ten posts. The key word here is “strive.” If none of the first ten posts can be mined for comedy, you may instead choose from the author’s different posts.
  • will record an audio clip of yourself reading said post aloud
  • can choose to put it in video format if you want
  • will then send the audio file or a link of it to the victim and the victim will post it to their own blog
  • will post someone’s reading of your early post on your blog when they send you the file. Don’t like the fact that they read your post using a Ben Stein monotone? Too bad.


  • You must read word for word what the post says. No more, no less.
  • You may not add words that aren’t there.  If the blogger wrote “I her horns” you shall read it as “I her horns.”
  • The manner in which you choose to read the post is up to you.  Want to read it using your Donald Duck impression? Go for it!  Squeak like Aki Toyosaki singing “GO GO MANIAC”? Feel free!

Looks simple, IS simple. Feel free to sign up. I’ll keep signups open until the 24th of May, giving you all two weeks to decide whether or not you want in. Do let others know of this event, spread the word, and if we get enough people interested, we’ll move on to Phase 2 and 3.

If any questions or clarifications are needed, be sure to let me know. Until then, indicate your interest by commenting!

UPDATE 1: Do we want to open it to all posts? First 10 posts? I’m seeing a lot of clamor for either of those two options. Maybe we just want to make this a general reading rather than specifically dwelling on the past. I’m open to that!

UPDATE 2: Made changes to the 5-earliest posts rule.

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40 Responses to Aniblog Readings – A Community Event

  1. And yeah. Totally in on this one.

  2. omo says:

    i would be interested if not for the first 5 post stipulation…

  3. mefloraine says:

    What’s the point of this though? Just to rub in our faces that we used to write horribly? XD

  4. Pontifus says:

    Glad you took the initiative here; I’ve been fairly well slammed by end-of-semester work.

    You know I’m in. While my first five posts aren’t really around anymore, it could certainly be one of the first five posts I wrote after Superfani became the theory circlejerk that it is today (ca. Oct. 2008), some of which might be pretty wild. I wonder, though, whether we should extend it to first 10 or so, just for the sake of giving the readers more options.

    • Pontifus says:

      I’m going to second my own motion to extend the range of posts to first ten, as, upon looking back, some of my first five would just be weird to read. Numbers four and five, for example, are dialogues between myself and my brother. Ten would probably be more representative of the range of my earlier stuff, anyway.

      • I’m really thinking of taking omo’s suggestion (part of it) and telling people to try and aim for the first 10, but rather than making it a strict rule, we’ll make it a guideline to allow for enough leeway.

        That’s my thought right now at least.

  5. chikorita157 says:

    I can come up with a better idea… Sing Super Driver 5 times at 2x the speed. It can’t get any worse than GO! GO! MANIAC…

    Believe me, you don’t want to read my posts out loud… It might bring out the bad grammar somewhere. :p

  6. I’m in. Maybe I’ll use my Krauser voice LOL.

  7. Oh man I can already tell it will be my fifth post that the person chooses LOLOLOLOL dear god. Sign me up!

    To whoever gets my name: Tell me and I’ll link you to the first 5 posts, I have no archive section on my site and it would take hitting ‘next page’ over 100 times to reach my first posts.

  8. calaggie says:

    I’m up for this – I had some okay posts in my first five so I don’t mind that part.

  9. Cuchlann says:

    I’m in, and up for whatever, first five, first ten, anything, that’s cool. What are we doing if we’ve written on two blogs (my own and the SF.c)?

    • Preferably let the person who’s reading your post know of the existence of the two blogs and that person can choose between the posts on there as to which one to read.

  10. glothelegend says:

    I’m debating. Master debating.

  11. Hellomotto says:

    This sounds really interesting; I wish I could take part in it!

  12. Yi says:

    Definitely going to be following the posts that come out of this. Should be fun to hear various voices.

  13. Sorrow-kun says:

    I don’t get why it has to be the first five posts. Wouldn’t the last five posts be much more relevant? Like, the most recent.

    I’m in if you explain this.

    • Mostly to relive our earlier bloggin’ days when we were still raw. Sort of like a “wow, did I really dress like that???” but with writing.

      Of course, given the suggestions, that might very well be a moot point since I’m pretty much ready to shift it to a guideline rather than a rule that people must follow. =P

  14. omisyth says:

    Cool, I’ll do it. Seems like fun!

  15. gaguri says:

    Only if there was a rule that said you can find someone to represent for your voice. I don’t want to voice record myself but wouldn’t mind someone reciting my whole post for me!

    • Oh, you’re not reciting your own post. Someone else will be reciting your post and in return, you’ll be reciting someone else’s post! That’s where the fun lies =p

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  17. kimaguresan says:

    This looks really interesting, yet I don’t have 10 posts (real ones) on my new blog, and my old blog is long gone. I’ll be following nonetheless.

  18. Owen S says:

    wild horses couldn’t drag a “yes” out of me

    but this is an exceedingly interesting and original idea, yes

  19. TheBigN says:

    I’d say keep Owen in. 😛

    But put me in as well. Sounds like something to have fun with. :3

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