Last Call for AniBlog Readings and Some Amendments

I’ve been a bit lazy, so that’s my reason for not having promoted this much further.  Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with the response.  Before we actually get to starting this, a few amendments to the rules that I had posted:

Phase 3: YOU SHALL…

  • strive to pick one of said blogger’s first ten posts. The key word here is “strive.” If none of the first ten posts can be mined for comedy, you may instead choose from the author’s different posts.

The prior rules post has been edited to reflect this.

Participants (so far) [Blogger – blog(s)]

For current participants, if you want to restrict the reading down to one blog, do let me know. I just opted to cast a wide net in terms what ya’ll have written.

Add your name to this awesome list of folks.  After tomorrow, my magic random generator will determine whose post you get to mangle!

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13 Responses to Last Call for AniBlog Readings and Some Amendments

  1. Nobody in their freaking mind should attempt to read my Superfani posts for this exercise.

  2. Impz says:

    Count me in. This sounds pretty fun 😀

  3. Owen S says:

    no no no no no I left a comment to say I wouldn’t ever say “yes” to participating, not a no to say yes, I would be participating

  4. lelangir says:


  5. lelangir says:

    and if you wanna read my super ultra stupid 2008 posts, email me for them~ O_o””’

  6. glothelegend says:

    Okay, I’m in. I just tried this out and laughed my ass off (at myself, because I’m dumb). My beginning posts are so bad that everyone will be able to laugh at the sheer stupidity of them, if not the voice of the person, and I don’t want to take that away from people.

  7. drmchsr0 says:

    I hate being late to the party (which I always am, sadly 😦 )

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