Index of all the Aniblog Readings

With some commentary and editorializing of course!

A few interesting comments that I picked up on:

  • gaguri: “I have come to realise that some bloggers have great writing skills, but no one has a good actual speaking voice…” via twitter.
  • Elineas: “After listening to most of these readings I have come to the conclusion that blog posts are in a kind of limbo between colloquial speech and formal writing, which gives it some weird quality of sounding completely absurd when spoken as an entire piece even when many sentences in isolation only sound proper in dialogue.” here.

People slated to be *smug*ed! Now get yourself off this ignominious list. >:[

  • Pontifus
  • Omisyth
  • lelangir

I think a few of you are waiting for your victims to post it, so if that’s the case, let me know.  I am merciful after all.

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4 Responses to Index of all the Aniblog Readings

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  3. Cuchlann says:

    Pontifus finally finished up his reading of my post. It’s over here:

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