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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anime Review

A note: I did not write this review. Or rather, I did not write the foundation for this review. In fact, I stole the template from one of Roger Ebert’s reviews, played a merry game of mad-libs, added a few … Continue reading

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Index of all the Aniblog Readings

With some commentary and editorializing of course! zzeroparticle reads Kimaguresan – creep omo reads Impz – durrrrrrrrr ghostlightning reads 21stcenturydigitalboy – wheeeeeee… aboo + happy, desu ne 21stcenturydigitalboy reads glothelegend – I’m an aniblog reader from hell Calaggie reads lelangir … Continue reading

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Aniblog Readings: Who’s Reading Whom

All right, you all have seemingly committed to these shenanigans and I hope to see some creative/awesome entries come out of this. The only thing is that this be done by June 5. Meaning recording it, getting the recording to … Continue reading

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Last Call for AniBlog Readings and Some Amendments

I’ve been a bit lazy, so that’s my reason for not having promoted this much further.  Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with the response.  Before we actually get to starting this, a few amendments to the rules that I had posted: … Continue reading

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Aniblog Readings – A Community Event

Anime bloggers are a vain lot. Why else would they do silly things like announce that they’ve finally achieved 100k hits? Or that their blog has managed to survive for another 365 days without them flaking out at some point? … Continue reading

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Anime Instrumentality Updates

If you’ve been trying to access Anime Instrumentality within the last 24 hours, you may have noticed that you were either unable to access it, or that you now have a filler page where the old page used to be. … Continue reading

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